Interim Management

Interim Management

Whatever the cause or circumstance, a change of management control during a financial crisis holds unique risks and challenges and, for many reasons, often calls for an immediate Interim solution. Reasons include:

  1. Until financial uncertainties of a crisis situation are resolved, it may be impossible to attract an adequate permanent replacement.
  2. Time is of the essence. A proper executive search and placement can require a slow and laborious process.
  3. In a truly troubled situation, the most critical immediate tasks may well be different from long-term challenges and goals.
  4. Specialized functional expertise required to address challenges arising from the implementation of process changes often are temporary in nature.
  5. If the best exit is a sale of assets and/or operations, continuing permanent management may not be required.

Kestrel’s highly experienced personnel can step in promptly and assist in both a) stabilizing the situation and b) ensuring that long terms goals and strategies are fully and appropriately evaluated and redefined before a long-term commitment to permanent management is made. 

Evaluating and redefining continuing strategy and requirements should preceed permanent management change in order to facilitate the best possible hiring decisions.

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